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Custom Banners Now Available Thru WSN/Zsportsmedia

Reward Your Athlete and Transform Your Stadium

Washington Sports Network and Zsportsmedia are now Certified Stadium Wrap Sellers!  What is Stadium Wrap you ask?  Only one of the coolest ways to reward athletes, build team and school pride, and instantly transform the look of existing facilities.


The Player Banner is the product that put Stadium Wrap on the map! Bigger-than-life imagery, professional graphic design, and premium materials will instantly transform any venue!

Banners are ingeniously designed to visually interlock and appear to be a single piece. At the end of the season, all the banners come down and are taken home by the individual participants as the ultimate piece of personalized sports memorabilia! 
Stadiumwrap products are suitable for ANY sport or activity including Football, Cheer, Swimming, Track, Band, All-Star Teams, Select Squads and more!

sw band sw football sw baseball sm


Each banner produced includes:

Premium, heavy vinyl material

On-location studio photography

Custom graphic design


Fully laminated

Heat-welded edges

Brass grommets on all corners and sides

  • Banners comes in 4 sizes from 48x70 to 24x35 call or email for prices now!

sw-stadium mywrapbanner

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (509) 542-7661 anywhere in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho for more information or to schedule your photoshoot in time to get you product by the beginning of the sports season!


8 Tips For Your Recruiting Videos

recruiting videos

With the start of HS Football right around the corner we thought we would share some advice on the all important recruiting video.  Over the years we have created dozens of these for local athletes and have some free advice for you players (or parents) when you set out to gain exposure.

#1 Yes You Need Some Video

First off, yes you do need a highlight "tape" or "recruiting video".  Its one of the best ways to gain some attention and perhaps get your talents in front of a College Recruiter.  It does not take the place of a in-person practice/combine/camp where they can see you for themselves but its the next best thing.

#2 Yes You Can Do it Yourself

Alll you need is some good video (more on that below) and a editing program for your computer.  There are plenty out there to choose from for both PC and Mac.  For PC we like Sony Vegas Studio, for Mac iMovie should suffice.  People encode (create the finished video) on DVD but digital upload is the way to go (more on that below).

#3 Use a Tripod

Watching shakey video is a pain.  You don't need to spend a lot of money, just get something stable.

#4 Put the Best Stuff First

If a recruiter or media representative is taking the time to watch your video among the THOUSANDS out there it needs to stand out, or at least entertain.  Put your best clips up front (TD's, INT's, Sacks, pancake blocks, big hits).  When I watch a video of a QB, WR, RB and the first play I see is not a TD or other sick play I question how good the player is.  Don't have any "wow" plays?  Your tape is not ready yet.

#5 Dont Put Pictures On it

Other that a quick headshot or picture of you in uniform dont put pictures on your highight reel.  Recruiters don't want to watch a slide show.

#6 Use a Instrumental Track or Just Use Game Audio

You are not makeing a hip-hop video, the music may be cool to you, but not necessarily to your audience.  In fact they don't care what music you selected and are probably watching with the volume turned down anyway.  Create a seperate video for your own personal use and use whatever music you'd like, but keep it off your official tape.

#7 Upload the Video to YouTube

Its a must that your video be A) Findable, and B) shareable.  Nothing beats YouTube for that.  Yes, if you are using Hudl (which is a great tool) you will want to have it there too.

#8 Record Useful Information

Finally make sure you include somewhere when the video was made and what school you attend.  If the viewer wants to learn more about you they can usually do a search or find your schools contact information.  The best place to put contact information (email, twitter, etc) is in the video description, not on the video itself.

There you go some tips for making your recruting video, now go out on the field and make some highlights!


Social Media in Football Recruiting

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How You Can Use Social Media in Football Recruiting

social media

**Originally posted on Dave Tuengels blog at http://davetuengel.blogspot.com/ reused with permission

Social Media and the world of College Football Recruiting can go together like two peas in a pod. Sometimes the results are not positive.

Too often in today's world, we see a recruit cross the line on social media and do something that will, at the very least, paint themselves in a bad light. In worse case scenarios, we've seen it potentially impact the actual recruitment of a player.

It's certainly not going away, so instead of abusing it, let's adapt a way we use it. Social Media can be used for good as well, and when utilized correctly, it can be extremely helpful, especially for a small high school football recruit.

Big 5-star recruits may not need to utilize it, but lesser known recruits, can really benefit from using social media.  Here are some ways that college football recruits can use social media to their advantage.

Separate Your Personal Life From Football:
This is the kind of advice that I would give to a high-school student or even a young college student trying to get a job.

You have to separate your personal and private life, especially on social media. If that means you have to create two separate accounts, one for being a kid and one for football, then by all means be smart and do that.

What many recruits don't realize is that the recruiting process for them is essentially one very long job interview. Not only does it lead to a potential free education, the experience of a life time and multiple extremely valuable contacts, but also for some - it leads to big time football.

Don't be naive enough to think that college coaches and their staff do not monitor the Facebook pages and Twitter handles of all recruits that are on their target lists. Let's throw in Pinterest, Instagram or even a personal blog.

After all, if it's on the internet, then its public domain.

The best thing a recruit can do on social media is to stand out by not standing out. Believe me, your positive interactions will be noticed just as much as somebody else's negative ones.

Keeping the Cussing To A Minimum:
This is really a piggyback point off the last one, but there is so much you can say about this topic that it's worth talking about.

Please keep the swearing to a minimum. I like to mumble a bad word under my breath now and then, but if there's anything I have learned in my 52 years of life, it's that there's a time and place for everything.

Dropping a four-letter word in a private text to your best buddies is one thing. Constantly doing the same thing on social media is another though - especially on Twitter, where millions of people who don't know you personally can follow you.

I know as a coach, writer and a manager in business that what I say publicly represents myself, but it also represents The "A & B" Football Report. As a recruit, you have to be wise enough to know that saying something on social media is just like saying it in public.

Represent yourself in a professional manner on social media, because that's how colleges that recruit you are going to expect you as a member of their football or basketball program.

Nothing makes me cringe more than when I watch a recruits video only to be greeted by a symphony of swear words coming from a song they decided to dub over their highlight tape.

I guarantee you that Nick Saban doesn't turn up the music on a recruits highlight film. It may pump you up to watch your highlight film, but it's not realistic and it's certainly not pumping college coaches up.

Remember, you are always representing yourself.

Links To You Tube or Hudl Video Packages:
When done well and correctly, highlight tapes can be a great way to build hype, if only amongst a fan base or the recruiting community.

Most high school coaches will send actual game footage and not just a highlight tape to a college coach to watch.

A smart recruit will get a great video package done and link that out on Facebook, Twitter or even start e-mailing it to coaches and recruiting analysts.

Interact With Recruiting Analysts:
Recruiting Analysts love Facebook and Twitter. It's a way that we interact with recruiting fans, get our work out there and sometimes keep tabs on you - the recruit.

Most are extremely friendly and helpful in regards to social media, and even just striking up a conversation with an analyst or expert can help you increase your overall exposure as a recruit.

As a recruit, I can't think of a better contact to have outside of the actual football program. Hype and momentum are two huge factors in recruiting, and like it or not and for better or worse, the media plays a role in both.

Rise Above The Hate:
Rise above the Hate, because there will be plenty of it. Don't get baited by "trolls" that just want to see you flip your lid. Don't worry when a fan base applauds you as a hero and turns around the next day after you decommitt and threatens your very existence.

Fan is short for fanatic, and the Internet allows the craziest of fanatics to have a voice.

One of the worse things a recruit can do on social media is get baited into an argument, because that's when all the rules go out the window. The "troll" has nothing to lose but the recruit has everything to lose.

In a social media world where we've become used to athletes constantly putting their foot in their mouth, a recruit that can handle him or herself with class, dignity and responsibility on social media will be a breath of fresh air.

Be the bigger person and stand out in a positive way. Use it to your advantage!!


Kamiakin Wins 7 on 7

This just in, Kamiakin is good at throwing the ball... The Kamiakin Braves won the 1st annual Columbia Basin 7 on 7 tournament in Tri Cities.  The event featured Kamiakin, Kennewick, Pasco, Riverview, and AC Davis of Yakima.  Below, Kamiakin Head Coach Scott Biglin talks about the event.


Things I Wish I'd Known

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13 things i wish i knew

The following is from new WSN contributer David Tuengel's blog, its a few years old but is such a great piece that I thought we would re-post it here.  It was written from a basketball perspective but applies to all sports both team and individual.  With the start of a new athletic season upon us this is great review for all atheletes at all levels!

EDITORS NOTE: The original piece was written by former Northern Illinois University Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Sundance Wicks and some of his newer information can be found here: http://www.coachsundancewicks.com/
One of Coach Wicks postings on his old web-site talks about things he'd wished he'd known earlier in his playing career. Here are some of the things Coach Wicks talks about:

  1. What it feels like to be a senior (The sacrifice for the team)
  2. How much time the coaching staff puts in trying to prepare the team for life, practice and games.
  3. How much time the coaching staff spends thinking about what is best for the team.
  4. Your team is only good as the last player to buy in (weakest link) - you have a true team only when every last player has bought in.
  5. When you win with a team, the victory tastes much sweeter.
  6. Team Chemistry is the most important thing, without it, championships are hard to come by.
  7. That the TEAM is not the coaches team, its your (PLAYERS) Team.
  8. That it can take an entire season to BUILD a team, and one incident to destroy the chemistry that was built.
  9. How you play in practice ultimately affects your performance in the game.
  10. If you want to be the best player, you have to be the hardest worker.
  11. It doesn't matter how good you are, if you are not mentally tough.
  12. That you win games by preparing properly in practice and not just lacing up the shoes on game night.
  13. Its hard as a coach to sit a player who makes hustle plays consistently and works hard in practice.
  14. Communication is a must to be successful on and off the court/field.
  15. I have a better chance to play if I am a great defender vs. a good shooter (Basketball).
  16. The sooner I realize that everything starts with defense the better I will be able to prepare myself for the practices and games.
  17. The key to becoming a great rebounder/tackler is putting forth the effort, ability has little to do with it.
  18. A good team defense is built on the foundation of trust.
  19. How much you have mentally for the second night of play in conference; Friday / Saturday Games - After Losses, more so Wins.
  20. Its not who starts games, its who finishes the game - Be a Finisher!
  21. You have to have a great second half warm-up physically to get yourself ready mentally (perceived ability that we are ready to go.)
  22. That you can control two things in life: 1. Attitude 2. Effort - and more often than not, positive words and actions create positive reactions.

Which principles do you agree with?  Any that you think were left out?  Sound off below!


Tuengel Featured on WSN

Author of A&B Football Report to Lend Content to WSN

We are excited to announce we will be featuring content from longtime coach and SW Washington sports writer Dave Tuengel.  Select content from Tuengel's blog (http://davetuengel.blogspot.com) will be featured regularly on WashingtonSportsNetwork.com.  In addition to his blog, and presence on social media site Twitter (https://twitter.com/CoachTuengel) Tuengel also publishes the "A&B Football Report" a 16-issue email newsletter with schedules, news, notes, rankings and more (see his blog for ordering information).  The A & B Football Report focuses on Class 1A, 2B, and 1B HS Football.

dave tuengel

"We love to be able to expand our content by featuring regional personalities and blogs" said WSN founder Zenon Thornton.  In addition to Football, Tuengel writes on Basketball as well.  "Coach Tuengel's expertise, information, and focus is a great fit for the Washington Sports Network brand, in fact as a basketball coach myself I enjoy coach Tuengels' blog."

We look forward to some great information, stats, and insight from Coach Tuengel!

Have a great sports blog and want to join the Network?  Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Share Your Story

Post Your Story, Photo or Video on WSN!

WSN invites you to share your stories, photos and video!


There are so many sports stories and highlights across the State of Washington and Pacific Northwest, we are always looking for interesting stories to highlight on our websites to share with sports fanatics in our region.

We would love to feature your stories, accomplishments, records, stats, acheivements, upcoming camps, tournaments and more to share with the rest of the State and beyond!

Once submitted, our team will make your item ready for posting, and you will be notified when your story or video is active on our site (feel free to share with those you know on Facebook, Twitter and other social media).

If we use your story you will be eligible to win 1 of 5 Monthly prizes!

Users may submit:

  • Articles of any length, for any sport, or age group
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  • Gamechanger Stats/Links

Article Submission:

Send your articles to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo & Video Submission:

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you a link to upload your items


Lacrosse Shoot Out

Lacrosse Growing

According to US Lacrosse, lacrosse is one of the fastest growing youth sport in the United States. 

And this weeked, over 1,000 lacrosse players will descend on Kennewick, Washington. Boys and girls from ages 9 to 18 from Idaho, Oregon and Washington will be taking part in the Three River's Lacrosse Club's annual Shoot Out. Columbia Park will be the site of lacrosse from beginner up through high school on Saturday, April 20 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Sunday, April 21 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Five games will be played simeltousely all day each day. 3 rivers lacrosse

Rob Hart, the director of the Shoot Out says, "We want to share our passion for lacrosse with the community."

For more information on the Shoot Out please check out our website at www.3rlax.com the link to the shoot out is:



Website Inquiry Form

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Is your team or organization looking for a low cost Team Website solution? WSN and its partners design and create Team Websites for sports Organizations. Dozens have signed up for our service so far. Fill out the form below and our website team will contact you with details.



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